Hong Kong: Here and Beyond

  1. Doors
    Installation of ink on wooden doors standing against a recessed green wall. Blockish and irregular-sized text of mostly Chinese characters handwritten in black ink fills the doors, which feature knockers and elongated rectangular perforations in the upper half. Several Chinese characters, including those that mean 'country' and 'king' are repeated.
    Main Hall Galleries Tsang Tsou-choi (King of Kowloon) Doors
  2. flotsam and jetsam
    An installation consisting of multiple small watercolour paintings and two videos mounted on a white wall. The paintings recreate scenes in documentary photographs of the experiences of Vietnamese migrants seeking refuge in  Hong Kong, including their travel to the city by boat and their lives in refugee camps. Among the paintings are white, grey, red, and blue labels with text.
    Main Hall Galleries Tiffany Chung flotsam and jetsam
  3. The Great Pageant Show
    Colour print of a woman wearing a tiara, pearl necklace, a white dress, and a blue sash with royal medals on it. Behind her is a historical Chinese painting of horse riders in a grassy field. The woman has a tattoo of one of the horse riders on her shoulder. Fine cracks appear across the work, imitating the surface of an old oil painting.
    Main Hall Galleries Holly Lee The Great Pageant Show
  4. The I Club
    An open booklet. The left page has a collage that incorporates a sponge, tap knob, hairbrush, perfume bottle, hairdryer, crumpled-up tissue with lipstick marks, three bars of soap, and pictures of lounge chairs and dining chairs. The right page has a collage that incorporates two fabric samples, a perfume bottle, tap knob, piece of mesh, and pictures of a sink with two toilet bowls, a lounge, and a stool.
    Main Hall Galleries Henry Steiner The I Club
  5. Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government Headquarters (2007-2011)
    Cardboard and acrylic architectural model of a building complex. In the centre, a rectangular grey building on our left and an inverted L-shaped pale blue building form an open door that towers over the complex. Buildings stand on both sides of a green corridor running beneath the open door.
    Main Hall Galleries Rocco Yim Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government Headquarters (2007-2011)
  6. Cities Without Ground
    Digital image of a map of Admiralty, Hong Kong, in which only the streets, walkways, stairs, escalators, cars on the roads, building floors, and trees are visible. The map is made up of multiple layers. The base layer shows the roads and tramways on ground level. Above it are layers of interconnected walkways and footbridges. Notable buildings and places are labelled.
    Main Hall Galleries Cities Without Ground