Individuals, Networks, Expressions

  1. Work
    Sumi ink calligraphy on paper depicting four large, bold brushstrokes. A C-shaped curve in the upper half cups the top of an S-shaped brushstroke in the centre. At the bottom, a U-shaped curve lies above an upside-down U-shaped brushstroke.
    South Galleries Hidai Nankoku Work
  2. Zen
    Ink painting on paper of a vertical shape of black, grey, and red brushstrokes bursting forward from a background of white, grey, and light blue. A beam of light seems to emanate from the top of the shape.
    South Galleries Lui Shou-kwan Zen
  3. Impact II
    Ink and colour painting on paper depicting a red circle in the centre, layered with yellow markings and faint grey splatters. Spirals of black washes surround the red circle, expanding to the sides of the horizontally oriented painting.
    South Galleries Irene Chou Impact II
  4. Series D Vierkantrohre (Series D Square Tubes)
    Installation artwork consisting of four combined modular steel units that resemble a rectangular ventilation duct attached to the wall and ceiling. One end is attached to a wall as if emerging from it. It goes sharply up and down and then along the wall until it attaches to the ceiling.
    South Galleries Charlotte Posenenske Series D Vierkantrohre (Series D Square Tubes)
  5. One Year Performance 1978–1979
    South Galleries Tehching Hsieh One Year Performance 1978–1979
  6. The Century with Mushroom Clouds: Project for the 20th Century (Photo Documentation)
    Photograph of a man standing on a promenade with his back turned, against the Manhattan skyline across the water. Puffs of smoke rise from his raised right hand. Two figures on the viewer's left turn their heads towards the man.
    South Galleries Cai Guo-qiang The Century with Mushroom Clouds: Project for the 20th Century (Photo Documentation)
  7. Untitled (Cigarette Break)
    An installation artwork consisting of two cream-coloured armchairs in a corner with a metal ashtray bin in between them. Five canvases with a graphic print of flowers on a pink background hang on the white walls above them. This print also appears on the side and back of the left armchair, and on the seat cushion of the right armchair. The chairs and ashtray bin sit atop a polished wooden floor.
    South Galleries Michael Lin Untitled (Cigarette Break)
  8. Kapan iki
    Installation artwork consisting of five rectangular steel cages, all roughly the same size and taller than they are wide. Each cage contains a red blob of hand-blown glass that looks as though it is melting. A red glass puddle lies next to one of the cages, as if fully melted.
    South Galleries Mona Hatoum Kapan iki