M+ Sigg Collection: From Revolution to Globalisation

  1. Six Small Turntables
    Open, black leather case containing a stack of six white discs with the largest on the bottom and the smallest on top. Inside the open lid is an annotated photograph of the case and its contents.
    Sigg Galleries Huang Yong Ping Six Small Turntables
  2. The Second State
    Oil painting on canvas, split into quadrants by a white cross. Each quadrant depicts a different monochrome portrait of the same laughing man against a dark background.
    Sigg Galleries Geng Jianyi The Second State
  3. Fist
    Wooden sculpture resembling a black and bronze snakeskin arm with a small but voluptuous female form in its fist.
    Sigg Galleries Wang Keping Fist
  4. Braiding
    Installation artwork with a large screen showing a monochrome portrait of a bald person. Cream-coloured threads fan out behind the screen as if from the back of the person’s head. They gather into a long braid that becomes thinner and thinner, eventually connecting to a  grey box with a small screen embedded.
    Sigg Galleries Lin Tianmiao Braiding
  5. Whitewash
    Installation consisting of dozens of individual clay pots that are narrow at the open top, bulbous in the middle, tapered at the base, and are arranged in rows. Some are terracotta orange adorned in black, while others have been painted white.
    Sigg Galleries Ai Weiwei Whitewash
  6. Wrestling: One and One Hundred
    Monochrome photograph consisting of 100 images arranged in five long rows. The images focus primarily on two people wrestling in an open area. In many of the images, a line of onlookers stands in the background.
    Sigg Galleries He Yunchang Wrestling: One and One Hundred