User Guide

  • White symbols and text arranged in two lines on a black background. A headphone symbol followed by the numerals ‘8001’ is on the first line. An ‘audio description’ logo followed by ‘9001’ is on the second line.
    Look for stop numbers on artwork labels in the galleries.
  • White audio guide interface on a black background. Keys are arranged in a 3 x 4 grid. They include the numbers 4—9 , a ‘delete’ symbol, ‘0’ and the symbols of ‘Enter’. ‘Keypad’, Tours’ and ‘Settings’ appear from left to right, top to bottom. The ‘keypad’ symbol is in orange, while a pink arrow is on the right of the grid, pointing at the ‘return’ symbol.
    Key in a stop number and press the arrow to listen to an audio track.
  • White audio guide interface on a black background. A light blue bar with an arrow on the left is at the top. Below is a green section with the English title ‘Listen to’ and options listing ‘About the work’ and ‘Audio description’. At the bottom of the interface, a black section shows a stop number, location of the stop, the artist name and the work title. A pink arrow is on the left, pointing at ‘About the work’.
    Toggle between 'About the work' and 'Audio Description' to choose your preferred audio experience.
  • Photograph of the main entrance of the M+ building, showing a wall covered in dark green tiles. Underneath the covered area outside the glass doors of the entrance, a row of lamps are suspended from the ceiling.