M+ Sigg Collection: Another Story

  1. Introduction of M+ Sigg Collection: Another Story
    A canvas print is hung on the white wall of a gallery and features a car hoisted over a river by a crane. Towards the left of the work is a doorway framed in black leading to the next gallery. There, a cube-like sculpture is situated on the ground before a wall display of a photograph of a rainbow.
    Sigg Galleries Introduction of M+ Sigg Collection: Another Story
  2. My Bones
    Five white and grey-tinged cylindrical sculptures resembling bones are placed upright in a corner of the gallery, with three in front and two at the back. Each bone has uneven bulges at the top and bottom.
    Sigg Galleries Wang Jin My Bones
  3. Old People’s Home
    Installation view of thirteen sculptures of elderly people in electric wheelchairs. Each elderly person is dressed in a different attire while the wheelchairs move in an area enclosed by white fences. The installation is surrounded by artworks mounted on the white walls of the gallery.
    Sigg Galleries Sun Yuan and Peng Yu Old People’s Home
  4. Untitled (Picture of Voice I)
    Three oil paintings on canvas depicting night scenes rendered in bluish grey tones. The painting on the viewer's left portrays the rear of a car on a road. The middle painting features strong headlights from cars. A painting of trees across a lake is on the right.
    Sigg Galleries Xie Nanxing Untitled (Picture of Voice I)
  5. Rabbit, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Mouse, and Rooster [Audio Description]
    Acrylic painting on canvas depicting a rabbit facing the viewer with its forelegs in the foreground and ears pointed upwards. The upper half features concentric irregular ellipses on both sides. Rendered in grey tones, the painting resembles a posterised photograph.
    Sigg Galleries Yan Lei Rabbit, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Mouse, and Rooster [Audio Description]
  6. Coca-Cola Project (Extraction)
    Clods of irregular-shaped black residue are displayed in a rectangular, black-framed glass case supported by four thin legs. The black residue fills approximately a quarter of the case and resembles soil.
    Sigg Galleries He Xiangyu Coca-Cola Project (Extraction)
  7. My things No. 5 - 5000 Pieces of Rubbish in 2002
    Photograph filled with an assortment of numerous objects grouped by shape and size. The objects, which include drink cans and cigarette packs, are viewed from above.
    Sigg Galleries Hong Hao My things No. 5 - 5000 Pieces of Rubbish in 2002
  8. Art Chicken No.12
    Oil painting on canvas depicting a chicken hanging from the leaf of a palm tree on the left. In the background are mountains rendered in black and grey tones, beneath a pastel-coloured sky.
    Sigg Galleries Duan Jianyu Art Chicken No.12
  9. Born 1989 in Beijing (250%)
    Oil painting on canvas featuring four portraits of peculiar pink infants in our upper left. The remaining canvas is packed with the repeated, often overlapping, slogan ‘Born 1989 in Beijing’.
    Sigg Galleries Lui Wei Born 1989 in Beijing (250%)
  10. Untitled
    Two rectangular paintings hang on the white wall. The left work is a piece of translucent white silk painted with the circular cross-section of a green tree trunk and with horizontal wooden rods sewn at the top and bottom. The right work is a piece of translucent white silk mounted on a white wooden frame.
    Sigg Galleries Hu Xiaoyuan Untitled
  11. 2021-11-12
    In a white-walled gallery with wooden flooring, a red-cushioned chair is placed facing the rear wall at the edge of a long red carpet. The carpet extends towards the rear wall, where a red painting in gilded frame is hung.
    Sigg Galleries Gu Dexin 2021-11-12
  12. The Second State
    Oil painting on canvas, split into quadrants by a white cross. Each quadrant depicts a different monochrome portrait of the same laughing man against a dark background.
    West Gallery Annex Geng Jianyi The Second State
  13. Chain
    Wooden sculpture. A carved hand grips a neck above its chain necklace on a knob of wood resembling the ornamental head on an oversized walking stick.
    West Gallery Annex Wang Keping Chain