Things, Spaces, Interactions

  1. Control Chaos
    Film still depicting three rows of fantastical black-and-white images against a red-and-blue-striped background. The top row, representing the heavenly realm, shows swirling clouds and representations of various deities and floating structures. The central row, representing the earthly realm, is a city street on which protestors, carrying placards with smiley faces, face off against riot police holding large fish. The bottom row, representing the realm of hell, contains black flames and various scenes of punishment, such as people chained to pillars and cooking in pots.
    East Galleries PHUNK Control Chaos
  2. Aerial view from the south-west of the Kowloon Walled City, Hong Kong
    Photograph of a rectangular mass of very tightly packed tall buildings viewed from above. The buildings are surrounded by empty land covered in roads and a group of more sparsely spread out high-rises.
    East Galleries Ian Lambot Aerial view from the south-west of the Kowloon Walled City, Hong Kong
  3. Section model of Sri Lankan Parliament building (1977–1980), Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte
    Architectural model of a large central building connected to several smaller structures, each with steeply pitched roofs. A cross-section of the central building shows multiple floors surrounding a large central chamber. A model of a silver chandelier shaped like a collection of palm trees hangs from the ceiling.
    East Galleries Geoffrey Bawa, Edwards Reid and Begg Section model of Sri Lankan Parliament building (1977–1980), Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte
  4. Toshiba automatic rice cooker, model RC-10K
    Rice cooker made out of metal, plastic, and electronic parts with a rounded, white body and short, black legs. Two black carrying handles are on the shoulders, which are wider than the base. A black knob sits in the centre of the silver lid.
    East Galleries Iwata Yoshiharu Toshiba automatic rice cooker, model RC-10K
  5. Paddling Home
    Film still showing a man with his back to us in a white captain’s uniform. He salutes a small boat in the water in front of him. The boat consists of a cubic house on a floating platform. It has a door and windows, and a Hong Kong flag on the roof.
    East Galleries Kacey Wong, David Attali (filmmaker) Paddling Home
  6. Incubation Process
    Close-up on a sculpture in which numerous iron nails stick out of a tabletop. They are haphazardly arranged and hammered at different depths and angles. Blue, red, and yellow plastic wires wrap around the nails, connecting them. The work is covered in lumps of dried white plaster.
    East Galleries Isozaki Arata Incubation Process
  7. Plug-In City
    The elevation drawing shows a network of architectural modules above a horizontally placed blue ruler. On the left are three columns made of yellow cylinders, and on the right are two red columns. Criss-crossing green and blue lines connect the two sides like a crosshatch fence, creating structures that resemble buildings in red, yellow, and grey.
    East Galleries Archigram, Peter Cook Plug-In City
  8. Hannan Chair Long
    Sofa made of metal, lacquer, cotton, and wool. Two stacks of colourful cushions rest on the metallic mesh base. The cushions forming the seat and backrest feature a patterned cover. Metal rods rise from the base and curve outwards to form the back and armrests, which are wrapped by fabric.
    East Galleries Ohashi Teruaki Hannan Chair Long
  9. Lamp for Fragrant Hill Hotel (1979–1982), Beijing
    Lamp made out of metal, glass, and bronze wire filled with mosaic-like patterns of white shapes lined in gold. The circular head features a raised section at the top and rests on a stand with a round base. A plug wrapped in the connected cable lies on our right.
    East Galleries I. M. Pei, Calvin Tsao, John Morford Lamp for Fragrant Hill Hotel (1979–1982), Beijing
  10. Archive of RMB City Project
    Screen capture from the online world Second Life. In a calm blue sea a small island is clogged with modern skyscrapers and futuristic buildings.
    East Galleries Cao Fei (Second Life avatar: China Tracy) Archive of RMB City Project
  11. H/AlCuTaAu
    An object composed of multiple small bronze, grey, and white rock-like forms attached to each other. Even smaller rectangular metal bits are set in the cracks between them. Together, they form an irregularly shaped lump.
    East Galleries Revital Cohen & Tuur Van Balen H/AlCuTaAu